Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Days of Halloween Centers for First Grade: Day 1 - Monster Clues

     I love Halloween.  I love color. I love creating centers.  And I love seeing my students' eyes light up when I introduce something new and fun.  This center is fun!  It's called "Monster Clues" and it's part of a Literacy Center Packet I made for my first grade students. I will be featuring the other literacy centers in the packet and my math centers for the next ten days on this blog. 

     The center features six adorable Monsters by Jessica Weible.  Each one is so colorful and cute and different.  And of course, they're trick or treating.  I had to use them. 
     Each monster has four clues.  Students read the simple clues on strips and match them to the monster. 


A beginning reader can easily work at this center independently, because of the "Words to Know" card containing all the words and graphics.
There are a lot of pieces to this center, so I use velcro dots on the back of the clue strips.  This helps students keep their work organized while they're in the center. 
It's worth the time and effort.
      Kids don't seem to get tired of this center.  I use it for about three weeks, giving one or two students per day a chance to play with it during Literacy Centers.  They even ask for it after Halloween.

      Please come back tomorrow for day 2 and I will show you something new.

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