Friday, October 11, 2013

10 days of Halloween Centers for First Grade: Day 3 - Statements and Questions Sort

     There are so many changes recently in the way teachers are expected to teach. One of the shifts has been for students to take more ownership in their learning.  I'm loving that.   My goal this year has been to try to take a step back and let students do more of the talking.  I am trying to talk less.  My throat is loving that.
     So, I am making more time available for them to take the stage. I'm having them ask me questions about stories, instead of me asking all the questions.  They have a pretty fascinating perspective, most times.   I'm encouraging them to question one another about their experiences and their work.  That can be very interesting and insightful. And entertaining.
     Well, this is the beginning of the year for first grade and  some students don't know how to ask questions. They have trouble identifying questions and statements. With that, I am trying to find ways to make it fun.  Here I came up with a learning center called "Statements and Questions Sort".  I tried to keep the language as simple as possible for beginning readers.  Of course, I use it as a teaching tool, first.

    It's a colorful, fun, Halloween themed center, that the kids love.  It's part of a packet of Halloween Literacy Centers I made for my first graders. 


     It comes with 10 simple questions and the corresponding answers.  Students have to sort the questions and statements under the headers and add the proper punctuation. 

     It comes with a recording sheet, where students have to place a period or question mark after the sentence.  There is an answer key for them as well.

      I'm going to make a series of these for beginning readers. They're helping.

     Enjoy taking a step back and letting students ask more questions.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back for Day 4.



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