Wednesday, October 16, 2013

10 Days of Halloween Centers for First Grade: Day 6 - Addition Mats - Counting Candy Corn

          It's extremely important for young students to have concrete experiences with adding and subtracting.  Before children can add numbers "in their heads", they need to use tangible objects to count. In our math program, we use flat counters, cubes, etc.  I like to use more interesting and varied objects: teddy bear counters, keys, bottle caps, buttons, pennies, m & m's, seeds, etc. Whatever they use, they need to have lots of practice doing it. 
          I created a series of math mats for my first graders which give them the opportunities for concrete experiences in addition and subtraction.  These are surfaces (laminated sheets) with pictures that tell students how many objects to add together.  It's simple.  This packet of mats is for Halloween and students add candy corn.  This packet is part of a set of Halloween Math Centers that I made. 
It comes with a series of 12 addition mats and candy corn counters.

          Students place the amount of counters in the trick or treat "bags" and add them together.
How simple is that?  You can always use real candy corn.
The packet comes with a recording sheet for the students to write their answers and an answer key to check to see if their answers are correct.
My kids love this.  It's simple.  It's colorful.  It's easy.  They can do it independently.  Most importantly, it gives them the necessary practice with addition. 
          I have lots more that I will soon share.  So, start collecting interesting objects for kids to count and put them in your math center.  Have fun!
          Thanks for visiting.  I hope you come back for day 7.

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