Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Days of Halloween Centers for First Grade : Day 7 - Poof! A Game of Disappearing Sight Words

This is a card game I came up with for practicing sight words.  It is meant for two to four players.  It's fun, simple and the kids love it. It's called Poof! A Game of Disappearing Sight Words.  I selected many of the sight words we cover in the beginning of the year.  You can take out the cards of the words you haven't taught. 


There are approximately 44 pre primer sight words and 6 Poof! cards.  When you copy them, you have to make them double sided.  The top side is the cover with the picture of the frog. 
The other side of the card is the sight word. 
I tell you how to make them double sided in my directions when you download the document.
To play, place the cards in a pile facedown.
Students take turn picking a card and reading it.  If read correctly, the card is kept.
If the Poof! card is picked, the player must put all but the cards back in the pile (on the bottom) and put the Poof! card aside.
I leave a basket or bowl for the students to put in the Poof! cards, so they don't go back into the pile. The winner is the player with the most cards when the pile is gone. It's simple!
If you like this game and would like more word cards, I have a non-seasonal Poof! game.  It's in my TPT store and it has 190 sight words. If you want to see it, click (here).  
The cards are double sided, like in the Halloween version.

That's a lot of cards for a card game.  I only use about 40 to 50 cards at a time.  I keep the rest filed in a coupon file, that I bought at Dollar Tree. 
To keep tract of the words I use, I have a checklist and I highlight the words that I've included in the game.  I circulate the cards all year.  Like any game, you want to put it away for a while and bring it out again.  They love the game, but you don't want them to get tired of it.
This game is played exactly like the Halloween version. 
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