Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10 Days of Halloween Centers for First Grade: Day 8 - Halloween Cupcake Addition Sentence Match

 Halloween Cupcake Addition Sentence Match - that's a mouthful.  We just call it the Spooky Cupcake Math Game in our class.  It's a learning center I came up with to help students identify addition sentences that go with a picture of two addends, or parts (the parts being the different cupcakes separated by tiers). I also included whole part part charts, since my kids see them a lot in our math program. 

 As a cake artist, I really enjoyed making this.  The kids love it, too. It comes as part of a packet of Halloween Math Centers that I created for my first graders.

It comes with 12 large pictures of adorable cupcakes which are on a tiered stand. 
It also comes with addition sentences and whole part part charts, which the students need to match with the pictures.
It also comes with a recording sheet, on which students write the addition sentences, the sums and complete the whole part part charts.
It also comes with an answer key so children can check their answers.
When introducing this center, I like to bring in cupcakes and have the students decorate them.  I give them a little cup of decorations and I ask them to make up an addition sentence about the decorations. 

I have two more centers to share.  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you can come back for days 9 and 10.  Have fun teaching!

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