Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Onset and Rimes : Five Free Games for Teaching and Practicing the Reading of CVC Words

I made these little simple onset and rime matching games over the summer. 
Anyway, I've gotten so much use out of these since school started.  It's such a simple concept.  Match the beginning sound to the ending sound.  The graphics are so important to beginning readers, and I tried to use common words the students would know.
When I opened my TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) store in September, I wanted something to offer for free to teachers that they could really use. As of today, close to 50,000 of them have been downloaded.  I get such a thrill knowing kids all over the country are using a little game that I made!   
 If you'd like to download them, click here.  You need to download all the games separately. 
You need to copy and laminate all the cards. I like to cut them with a paper trimmer and I cut outside the colored lines.  It looks nicer and takes less thought.
When I set it up for the kids in school, I separate the cards, and put the onsets on the left and the rimes on the right or I use 2 mini pocket charts side by side.
These are the mini pocket charts from Target.  I LOVE them and I bought about 14 of them in August.  (yes, turquoise!!!!!! <3) They're all over my room.
Kids get extra practice writing the CVC words with the addition of recording sheets.  There are answer keys in each set, as well.
 I made a set for each of the five vowel sounds.
If you're a teacher and you're creative, think about opening up a TPT store.  Since I opened mine in September, I've had a blast.  Enjoy!!! 
 Have fun teaching!

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  1. I just found your blog today. I love your blog design. You games look like they will help some of my struggling readers. I am off to check them out. Maria



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