Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY Classroom Hanging Wall Pockets Using Soap Boxes

For many years I have been using these little pockets on my classroom walls.
     I don't like clutter on surface areas.  I like having what I need at my fingertips.  If I have a chart tablet hanging in one part of my room away from my desk, I like having the markers at my fingertips.
     I don't want to waste time walking across the room.  I know where things are and stuff is organized and up, away and not creating clutter on my shelf or on the floor or on the desk.  We know, teachers, how cluttered our rooms can get in just a few minutes.  No one wants to spend their lunch hour organizing and putting stuff away.  (Oh, I'd much rather stand at the Xerox machine with a cheese sandwich in one hand and making copies with the other ;)  - not really - but sometimes I do)

      These are so simple to make.  They're so cute, too.  This year I jazzed them up with little denim pockets from Ashley Hughes and incorporated amazing clipart from so many of our talented artists on TPT.  
      Here's how you make them.  In September I buy a couple of six packs of dove soap.  I suppose any soap would do, but I think the dove boxes are sturdy and I use the soap.  I love the soap.
      If you buy individual boxes, you tend to get the lettering on the side.  I prefer no lettering, so I buy the cartons.

    When you open the soap, be careful to open it at the correct end.  One end has straight tabs, the other end has irregular tabs. I open it from the end where the tabs are straight and I cut off all but the tallest tab.  I hang the boxes from that tab. 

      Next, I copy the pockets on cardstock (or you can use regular copy paper) and laminate them.  I cut them to size and I like to leave a little bit of a white edging.  It just looks neat to me.
       As you can see, I made pocket labels for every imaginable object you could hang in your classroom.  Not only for markers and things like that, but for your flash drives, glasses, keys and lots of different flashcards, word cards and activity cards. 

       After cutting out the pocket labels that I want and trimming the soap box tabs, I hot glue the labels onto the boxes.  It's that simple.  Make sure the tops of the labels are aligned with the top of the box opening.

     Then I have fun hanging them up and filling them.  I use a heavy duty stapler to staple them into bulletin board frames, wooden closet doors, window frames, old chalk board frames, or anywhere I can think of where I would need my supplies.  I even have a pocket for my reading glasses.  They're always there when I need them. 


      What to do with all the bars of soap?  Put them in a lovely bowl and display them in your bathroom. 

     Well, if you do use these, and you find that I forgot to include something, please let me know.  I'd be happy to add it to the set.  Have fun organizing!!

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